The Special Something

Increasing mobility, a new generation of workers, changing organisational principles - a dynamic change in the world of work has begun. The need for communication is growing rapidly. Work is in the tension between productivity and emotion, away from classic desk thinking.

When the journey of The BYRO started in 2019, we wanted to create one thing above all: create a co-working offer with a certain something. A place that differs from fellow competitors - through more service, more security, and better hospitality. And this in a sophisticated environment.

Location is key

The BYRO relies on location, location, location. Medium-sized areas in high-quality inner-city locations are our focus. This is where The BYRO finds its home, transforming these places into modern, high-quality workplaces – in the neighborhood. For the benefit of the guests and the neighbours, also during the lunch break or at events in the evening.

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The byro experience


All key rooms of the co-working, whether café, lobby, office, meeting room or even event space are carefully curated and in their own high-quality style. High-end, classy, tidy.


In the evenings and on weekends, The BYRO becomes an event arena. Whether book presentation, team training, fashion show or wine-tasting – The BYRO offers the perfect setting for any type of event.


Our community is open and transparent. We stand for genuine cooperation and strong connections. We support our members with advice and events, setting the first steps for collaborations.

Membership Plans

  • Superior Private Office



    • You appreciate service and require privacy? The lockable, air-conditioned single office with 24/7 access offers both.
  • Private Office



    • You and your partner/team member appreciate service and require privacy? The lockable, air-conditioned 2-person office with 24/7 access offers both.
  • Superior Shared Private Office



    • If you are an individual looking for exchange and new contacts, you might look for a table in a 4- or 6-person office. Ideal for working and networking
  • Shared Private Office



    • The flexibility of a desk or the whole 10- or 12-person office is the perfect solution when your company evolves.
  • Hot Seat



    • Pick a space in our foyer and enjoy the ambiance and design. Also bookable for just a day.

Our Amenities

  • Specialty coffee
  • Filtered water
  • Fresh fruits
  • Meeting rooms
  • High-performance LAN and WIFI-network
  • Mail and Package Handling
  • Private Phone booths
  • Air-condition
  • Social Events
  • High-class furniture
  • Front-of-house management during the office hours
  • House-keeping service